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April 1, 2008

Self Milking Cow

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A cow in India named Radha, miraculously releases milk every time she’s fed.

February 4, 2008

Baby Saved From Fire by Being Thrown From Building

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Baby Thrown Clear

Ludwigshafen, Germany – If there weren’t pictures to prove it, people might have a hard time believing a loving father threw his child multiple stories to waiting rescuers below. This dangerous gamble was taken against an almost certain death in a smoke-filled burning building where, in the end, nine other people perished. The baby, however, survived. Rescuers managed to catch and save the baby from below.

Baby Thrown Multiple Stories

The wreckage is still too unsafe to check for further survivors, police say, and the cause of the fire has yet to be revealed. The building had over 50 residents and more than half either died or were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Many of those who did escape were force to follow the infant’s lead and leap from windows as staircase escape routes were choked with flames and smoke.

Baby in Burning Building Fire

The damage could have been far worse had rescue workers not been nearby at a celebration. Multiple rescue workers were also hurt while trying to rescue people from the building and put out the fire though none sustained serious injuries.

Damaged Building

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This Week in Theft

February 3, 2008

This Week in Theft

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Super Bowl Robbery Still a Mystery One Year Later: Over $150,000 was stolen from the winners of a Super Bowl betting crew last year. The co-owner of Mike’s Place was stabbed by one of two masked thieves who ran off with the collective winnings. Ouch!

Bank Manager Foiled Stealing From the Elderly: A branch manager of a bank stole thousands of dollars from an 86-year-old man, apparently hoping the individual would not notice the missing funds. He used a combination of credit and ATM cards to do so.

New Nigerian Scam Targets Dateless Australians: The latest victim, a woman named Patricia, lost nearly $10,000 when she fell for a man over the course of six months. When he left for Nigeria, supposedly to secure land, he claimed to have been mugged and requested she send him money. She got off lucky, though, according to authorities who say the typical scam of this kind ends up costing someone $35,000 dollars.

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