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December 9, 2007

Michael Jackson in More Normal Company


It’s happening (again): a high profile black man is turning white, though this case is arguably more tragic than Michael Jackson’s disputed case of vitiligo. “I’m a black man turning white on television and people can see it,” says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. “If you’ve watched me over the years, you’ve seen my hands completely change from brown to white” said Thomas in an interview on CNN

Think it can’t happen to you too? As it turns out, “the population incidence worldwide is considered to be between 1% and 2% (0.74% in the United States). Also known as “leukoderma” vitiligo is a bizarre “chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale patches of skin.” No one knows for sure what causes this strange disease but it is suspected to be related to environmental as well as genetic factors. At least Michael now has some adults to keep him company.

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