October 30, 2009

Billy Mays Costume Contest

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Billy Mays III, the son of the popular pitch man that popularized prduct such as Oxy Clean and Kaboom is hosting a costume party in honor of his dead father.

 Little Billy posted the following on his website:

Halloween is approaching rapidly and it goes without saying that “deceased celebrities” (and balloon boy) will most likely be a huge theme at every gathering.

There will no doubt be a multitude of people dressed as Billy Mays (or zombie

Billy Mays).. it is one of the easiest costumes of all time to put together. (Beard, blue button-down, khakis, prop product, etc..)”

Billy wants people to send him pics of their Billy getups — the winner gets a bunch of prizes … including, of course, a tub of OxiClean.

Billy Mays III want everyone to send him pictures of their Billy Mays costume, the winner of the said contest will get a whole buch of prizes include of course a bucket of Oxy Clean which was the product that made his dad popular.

September 24, 2009

Odds of birth giving

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With all these advances in science, there has been numrous cases of these sorts of things. Altering the genetics of your baby like their sex, traits, features, etc. or even having 6 or may be 8 all at the same time. There was also a case of a 66 year old lady giving birth and now we have a 19 pound baby which make me wonder it’s mother’s size.

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August 17, 2009

State of the art urinals

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Before they made the ultimate toilet seat that washes, moisturizes, aerates the water, warms the seats and more. Now they are coming up with the hands free urinals. I wonder what will come next?

May 6, 2009

Seven Odd Notions of Prison

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People have been locking other people for years and years and years and, not surprisingly, people have tried going about this in a variety of strange and interesting ways. The problem gets tricky when you have a lot of people locked up together. Here are some approaches that people have taken that stray a bit from the good old familiar gray building with the towers and the walls and Burt Reynolds playing football in the yard.

Prison Concept #1: The Panopticon

Remember the HBO series “Oz“? In it the narrator, Augustus Hill, appears in a floating cube — essentially a glass cell where everyone sees everything. In addition, the unit he’s in, “Emerald City” was designed as a place where everyone could be seen at any time (although there were actually lots of nooks and crannies where Bad Things could and did happen. Turns out “Oz” absconded with a page from Jeremy Bentham.

Bentham proposed the Panopticon, a round prison building with a central guard tower. The cells would be backlit so that prisoners would be silhouetted, and guards in the tower would be shielded so that the prisoners would never know when they were really being watched. Paging George Orwell…

Panopticon as designed by BenthamPanopticon design

A schematic of the Panopticon as proposed by Bentham

Presidio Modelo Prison

A real panopticon in Cuba. Quaint!

Panopticon interior

It’s even more charming on the inside — what lovely light!

January 27, 2009

Mac finally caught a virus

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After so many years of bragging being invulnerable to virus, Mac final ly got the attention they have wanted. As the Mac gains in popularity, it also earns more attention from malware developers, and it’s this lack of malware being actively developed, not some special, inherent security, that have really kept the Mac a “safe” platform for the time being.

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