10 Cubicles that are Cooler than Yours (1 that isn’t)

After hearing “You forgot to put the Cover Page on on the TPS report” a hundred times, the inhabitants of cubicle world need to have a little fun. They practically live in these 8 X 8 boxes so everyone needs to add a little of that little touch of home.


Speaking of home. What could turn your cubicle into a little piece of home then having your own shitter in your space. What it lacks in privacy it makes up for in proximity


And I thought the windmill was hard. That’s some pretty tough pin placement


Somewhere there is a leg lamp being shipped that’s very light on packaging. If they really wanted to impress me, they should have filled the thing with crumbled up packing foam. Possibly the hardest material in the world to clean up.


Hey Buddy, George Castanza called, he wants his idea back.


You have to get in early to get the best cubicle in the place.


And they said office romance was dead.


And they said boredom was just a state of mind.


One fried motherboard while replacing some RAM and John takes it a little too far


I wonder who they like better? The other guys gets his cubicle filled with packing peanuts and Sergie’s gets filled with all the office trash and used toilet paper.


The full length poster of Clay Aiken was the first sign but the Gingerbread cubicle confirmed everyone’s thoughts about Fred.


I get this because I too do some of my best work on the pot

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22 Responses to “10 Cubicles that are Cooler than Yours (1 that isn’t)”

  1. Great post!

    Wired.com ran two similar posts that were really great:

    Wired Saddest-Cubicle Contest

    Fantastic Fixes Help Your Sad, Pathetic Cubicle

  2. Most of these were pretty funny, but I have to say, I’d rather keep my cubicle :)

    All I need is for it to be clean with the general things I need to do my job and a few plants.

  3. These were pretty cool but I’d still rather have my own cubicle. All I need is for it to be clean, be equipped with the items needed to do my job and a few plants :)

  4. Hahaha!!!… Those are great!!!

    I am very familiar with the one with the Sleeping Bag below it… To many 20 hours days I guess…

    Thanks for sharing…

  5. 5Bob

    Let us know when you actually put up the “cool” cubicles.

  6. 6Guy

    My dream job! HELLO ALL DIGGERS!!!

  7. These aren’t really cool, but they are kind of funny.

  8. The one with the pink packing foam was pure win. Looked so neat you’d think it was supposed to be like that. I’d hate to see that at work though, the effects would linger for years to come in the form of little pink things everywhere.

  9. 9David Greiman

    Ah, so it looks like cubes all over are getting smaller. I thought it was just my workplace that was doing that! :)

  10. That is hilarious. I wish I could decorate my cubicle like that but then i would probably be fired.

  11. 11maaheen

    heheh they r funny true but seriously not very cool

  12. i want a timber deck over my desk … i may keep a makeshoft bed there …
    that’d be kewl …

  13. 13Marie I Lawrence

    Dont they have any thing better to do!

  14. The gingerbread cubicle was mine! It was great until the ant infestation. ;) Thanks!

  15. hahahahahanhahahahahahaha

  16. hahaha… Here is some more stuff about used office cubicles

  17. yup – too true. Here’s more info about office cubicles

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