10 Top Funny, Odd and/or Interesting Images of 2007

Some pictures are worth 1,000 words, but others are worth 1,000,000. By (subjective) category, here are 10 of the most amazing viral images of 2007. Undoubtedly some of these you will have seen before, but some will be new as well. Click on the images below to go to the full-sized originals. Enjoy!



Most Touching: Loyal to the End



Most Geeky: Why We Love Firefox


Best of Technology: 1 Gigabyte Then and Now



Best of the Web: Why Net Neutrality is So Important




Photoshop Humor: Photo With and Without Flash





Religious Humor: God’s Inbox



Religious Satire: Satan Goes to Sunday School



Commercial Humor: FedEx Pwns UPS



Gaming Humor: Carmen Sandiego Finally Found



Celebrity Humor: Chris Farley Found Alive




Honorable Mention: Do Not Take This Flyer Down



Greatest Image Collection of 2007: 56 Wonders of the World at WebUrbanist

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31 Responses to “10 Top Funny, Odd and/or Interesting Images of 2007”

  1. I lol’d.

  2. lol. love the flash!

  3. Thank you! I really needed those laughs this morning!

  4. 4kiffar

    Haha, good stuff.

  5. 5Oscar Tarango

    Poor baby… but she really does look like Chris Farley!! LMAO!!

  6. Wow… that first one is beyond sad. So touching.

  7. 7David Greiman

    Nice collection…

  8. 8Steve

    The first one is why cat’s suck.

  9. 9mooster

    You obviously know nothing about cats, Steve.

  10. 10birdlover

    mooster, I know all about cats. Ever heard of toxoplasmosis?

  11. 11Timmy

    Cats rule! Just ask ‘em over at the San Francisco zoo.

  12. 12Phreqd

    Yeah, a cat would be eating that guys face right now…

  13. some funny images there. the first one with the dog is just sad. i wonder how the guy died. he probably got tazed.

  14. 14Jenni

    The first pic is so sad!

  15. The mentioned fexed ad on their trucks is awesome.
    I like this kind of creativity of making a good fun of the competition.
    This ad is very entertaining, I find.

  16. 16phil

    yeah it is. made me think of my dog, I <3 her so much~

  17. Wow that list was funny thanks! I posted the list on http://listdid.com. you should post your lists in the future on listdid.com
    - Aaron

  18. Thanks !

  19. Thanks for writing this.

  20. 20Wills

    I take pleasure in guttin you….boy.

  21. that first one ripped my heart out. so sad.

  22. 22-dan z-

    10 Top Funny, Odd and/or Interesting Images of 2007

    I presume you have seen EVERY image of 2007, and then rated them according to accepted scientific criteria for “funny, odd and/or interesting,” and therefore are entitled to use the title as you wrote it.

  23. 23James

    Top one good, but doesn’t show that he died from a bite to the face…

  24. The first one truly is touching. That poor dog.

  25. 25Rebecca

    i liked the 2008 more sorry

  26. i liked the 2008 more sorry – I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info

  27. Hey, nice stuff.. Keep bringing it. :)

  28. regarding extremely looking the following, thanks! has been searching bing when observed this page, I am going to add ones supply to Google Readers, I expect a anyone.

  29. is actually my partner and i has been searching upon google, I the reply!

  30. Now that’s a great post! The dog one was sad, but I guess it’s true, dogs are better than people.

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